FFWT plans to invest the majority of its budget in media and the creation of a technological platform that will allow its contect to be shared with the world through the internet. FFWT will develop the content to be presented to the major media outlets together with IKONE MEDIA. An organization like this offers a chance to have wide coverage of 70+ countries around the world, with an estimated air time of 100 to 150 hours worldwide, and an audience of approximately 20,000,000 viewers. What’s more, this agency will take care of distributing the information across a large network of digital platforms, IPTv, Moviles Services, Inflight tv, out of home media, public screens in subways, airports, bars, restaurants, gyms, shopping centers and their own social media network, easily reaching an audience of over 400,000 people

The FFWT has entered partnerships with some of the industry’s leading content and knowledge providers, which have agreed not only to share content on the platform during the event, but also to give webinars, interviews and flight analysis:

  • Cross County Magazine.
  • Jocky Sanderson
  • Airlinks Academy
  • Raul Rodriguez
  • Andy Hediger
  • Pal Takats
  • Gavin McClurg
  • Flymovies