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It all started a year ago when, after a free flight competition in Zarza Capilla, Felix Rodriguez started dreaming of what might happen if pilots tackled the same type of competition but in teams . Felix then called Carlos Cordido with his idea, and proposed starting the 2021 Free Fly World Tour with one event in Zarza Capilla, Spain, a place that has all the right conditions, being that it held the 2020 Spanish XC Championship with flights of more than 350 kms. Felix also brought up the idea of setting up a live studio at headquarters to livestream the teams’ flights and analyze the outcomes, decisions and mistakes in real time, something like a live XC Masterclass. The idea was new and interesting, but we would need help if it was going to work, we needed a multidisciplinary team to make it a reality. We picked up the phone and called Natalia Jaramillo, a Colombian community manager, Rafael Saladini, the Brazilian record holder, and Lucho Jimenez, the Colombian organizer of the PWC Super Final and FAI 2015 Worlds Championship…and between all of us, we started dreaming and creating…






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